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Re-mastered Glitch track
"Kick The Habit"

On the Peter Kuhlmann (Fax Records) 8-CD tribute compilation:

Die Welt is Klang

Includes tracks from Bill Laswell/Bernie Worrell, Richie Hawtin, David Moufang/Move D, Thomas Heckmann, Biosphere, Higher Intelligence Agency, and many, many more fantastic Fax artists

Watch classic videos from Defective's own
"Closed Mind", Synaptic Breakdown" & "Surge"
(1993, 1993 & 1992)


... and newly posted, Glitch's FIRST video!
"TechnoChant" (R&S Records, 1991)

Cambodian Psych-Out

14 track Cambodian
rock compilation


Did you know that Defective Records vinyl was mastered by Ron Murphy (RIP) at the legendary National Sound Corporation in Detroit?


M185 logo
software step sequencer
M185 screen shot
Roland System 100m step sequencer -
now in software!

a collaboration with RYK logo

software step sequencer

the most interesting step sequencer around -
now in software!

a collaboration with
software step sequencer

a new step sequencer concept
a Mutable Instruments collaboration v1.6

Audio Plugin Player icon Audio Plugin Player
Audio Plugin Player small screenshot
lightweight VST & AU instrument & effect host v1.3
In the Mac App Store!

VSTi Host logo

Use your VST instruments
& effects without a bulky host environment

Party Favor logo

Party Favor screen shot
A software utility for the Where's The Party At (WTPA) sampler

MC-4 Hack

a better way to program
your Roland MC-4


MC-20 Hack
v2.0.3 (Mac), 2.0.4(Win)
a better way to program
your Roland MC-202

mangle, glitch and FSU plugin for
Ableton Live
version 2.0.1 with Multi Mode!

General MIDI Player

an easy way to play General MIDI instruments v1.3
In the Mac App Store!

pc1600 user
the unofficial Peavey PC1600™
& PC1600X™ pages

OMS Convert
Convert your OMS patch name
files to Cubase 5 & SX formats

Interview with Dan Nigrin on
Art | Music | Technology podcast series with Darwin Grosse

last updated: Apr 26, 2015

Hitsquad Music Software Downloads
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