glitch (n.) 1. Technology gone awry. 2. A blip.

GLITCH is Baltimore disc jockey/producers Dan Nigrin and Bump Stadelman. These DJs doublehandedly forged their local techno-industrial dance music scene in 1985 by making it the focal point of their nightly programming. In order to contribute their unique vision to the ever expanding world of techno-industrial music, they began a move from DJ booth to recording studio in early 1990. Having absorbed and collected years of electronic dance music through its multiple incarnations, Bump and Dan had the diverse elements they needed to create their own hybrid sound, and in early 1991 released their first EP on one of the world's foremost techno labels, R&S Records of Belgium. They also created their first of many mind-bending videos, which was released by the Telegenics and Rockamerica video services. GLITCH quickly followed up these initial efforts with multiple releases in 1992, including work on Lenny Dee's hardcore Industrial Strength Records (with a Richie Hawtin remix), and USA powerhouse Radikal Records.

GLITCH gained momentum with every step. Their live show earned rave reviews for its unique approach of audio-visual overdose, their followup "Trauma" EP on Industrial Strength charted worldwide based on cassette promos, and the full length "Inertia" on Germany's Fax Records made GLITCH the first totally independent foreign act to be signed to this acclaimed label. 1994-1995 saw several new GLITCH projects: a U.K. remix of "Heavy Mental" on Carl Cox's label, MMR Records; new videos out on Telegenics and Rockamerica reels; "If...Then", a 4-track E.P. on Baltimore's newly formed Defective Records; the band's second full length effort, "Out Of Sync", on Defective; and "Schizophonic", a 6-track E.P. on Defective. In 1996, GLITCH continued pumping out new music on Defective with the "House Call" 3-track E.P., and a track on the DJ Who Remixes double 12" E.P., "Who's Who?". In addition, they remixed Under The Noise's "Lie" for their highly acclaimed "Regeneration" CD on COP International Records. Most recently, Glitch had a featured remix ("Souped Up") on the 1998 Defective Records "DeFiltered" EP, remixing some of Filterless Records (U.K.) best work.

Strictly non-musicians, GLITCH uses and manipulates existing sources to create a new product - a sonic montage. They consistently accept and assimilate new trends, but never imitate them, and they refuse to be pigeonholed into one style of music, as evidenced by the diversity of the labels on which they've released product. GLITCH straddles the line between trance, industrial, and experimental, with music that appeals to both mind and body.

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