Audio Plugin Player

what is it:
Audio Plugin Player is a lightweight VST and AU instrument & effect plugin host
New version 1.3.1 available! (see Version History in Documentation for changes)
what are its features:
host VST or AU plugin instruments and effects
• play plugins using mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI (hardware or software)
• support for MIDI output from plugins
• ability to route external audio input through plugin effect
• support for transposition of incoming MIDI notes

* support for international keyboards in QWERTY mode
* support for tempo-utilizing plugins
• lightweight and easy to use!

let me see it:
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i want to learn more:
read the full documentation (pdf, 441 kB), or ask questions in our forum
what do i need to use it:

Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.13
, Intel only
i want to buy it:
Available on Mac App Store
who made it:
Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software
what made it:
created using Cycling '74 technology
i have a question:
please ask in our forum
any other cool stuff:
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