step sequencer

what is it:
CycliC is an entirely new step sequencer, with six independent subsequences that cycle through a 32-note array. It represents a collaboration between Defective Records Software & Mutable Instruments

New version 1.6 available! (see Version History in Documentation for info). Free upgrade for existing users!
what are its features:

• 32 note array
• 6 independent subsequences
• VST plugin instrument hosting for up to 3 plugins (now with individual stereo outputs per plugin)
• independent MIDI or plugin output from each subsequence
• Send two separate continuous controller values (CC1 and CC2)
• Per step Velocity, Gate, CC1 and CC2 control
• Override Note, Velocity and/or Gate options per subsequence
* ReWire audio slave support
* Solo a subsequence
* Reverse a subsequence's direction
• MIDI CC control of almost all parameters, including easy to use MIDI learn feature
• internal or MIDI clock
• 20 presets, controllable by mouse or MIDI program change, can be saved to disk
• note constraint to user selectable scale
• event randomization (note value and location, velocity, gate, CC1 and CC2)
* Freeze individual note status/value/velocity/gate/cc1/cc2 to prevent from being randomized
• constrain randomization to user-specified min and max range
• adjustable GUI size

let me see it:
click thumbnail above for screenshot. Videos below show early betas of the 1.0 version:

i want to learn more:
read the full documentation (pdf, 914 kB), or ask questions in our forum
what do i need to use it:

Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.10, Intel only


Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8
i want to try it: have fun with the free Demo Version (it's fully functional except it won't allow you to use the excellent presets feature, has support for only one VST plugin slot, and will time out after 30 minutes)
i want to buy it:
$40 USD
PayPal only, no returns -- please try the demo first to see if you like it.
Once we receive notification from PayPal of your payment, we will e-mail you secure download details within a maximum of 72 hours, and usually within less than 24 hours. You will not receive any software or documentation via postal mail, only an electronic download.
who made it:
Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software, together with Olivier Gillet & Mutable Instruments
what made it:
created using Cycling '74 technology
i have a question:
please ask in our forum
any other cool stuff:
go take a look
  © 2013-2015 Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software, All Rights Reserved

who's using it:

(Daniel Miller, Mute Records founder)
Daniel Miller


... and what they're saying:

Olivier Gillet
(founder of Mutable Instruments, creator of the Shruthi-1 synth)
Mutable Instrument logo
"...a limited space of notes traversed by mini sequencers biting each other's tail... If only Steve Reich had that!"

Read more about CycliC on Olivier's blog.