MC-4 Hack
Roland MC-4

OS Requirement
DSX OS version 3.0 or greater is required for DSX Hack to work. To find out what version your DSX has, try one of the following two procedures:

1) Press the 3, 5 and 7 buttons down on your DSX at the same time; the version of your OS will be displayed on the LED

2) See what the LED displays when your DSX is turned on without an Oberheim keyboard connected; if it shows “Connect Synth”, then you have a 2.x OS or lower. If it shows “! Oberheim DSX !” then you have a 3.x machine.

How to Upgrade
If your DSX is a 2.x or earlier machine, you can upgrade it by replacing three chips inside the DSX. This is an easy procedure (the chips are socketed) and does not require any soldering or significant expertise. You can purchase the chips at SynthParts - if they're not listed on the site, be sure to email them to inquire.
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