Problem with QWERTY Global for some systems

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I've gotten some feedback about the QWERTY Global mode just introduced in v1.2 is not working on some systems.  So far it seems that late model (2011, i7 processor) Macbook Pro's are the ones affected.  Will be investigating to find out what's up (will be challenging though since I don't own one of those!).

Would be helpful to me if people could post their success or lack thereof with the QWERTY Global mode, and to post the details of your system either way.  In particular, I'd like to know if you're using just the built in keyboard with a laptop, if you have any external mice plugged in or anything, and if you're on a desktop system, whether you're using Apple's regular keyboard, mice, etc...



  • Yes I Just bought this app. And can't get the indicator light to light up no matter what keyboard setting I choose. Using a Macbook Pro 2011 model (built in laptop). Also using a logitech wireless mouse but unplugging it makes no difference.
    Also wondering how this works with the virtual instruments in Logic and the setup and how they are loaded.
    would be great to have some more documentation on this.
  • I believe I have a fix for this now, coming in the next version update.  What's slowing me down at the moment though is wrestling with Apple's new sandboxing requirement, and getting the app compliant.  Hopefully I'll know more soon - thanks for your patience.
  • The fix for this is now available in the just release 1.3 update...
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