what does M185 run on?

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im looking at buying either a really small laptop, or some sort of tablet or ipad or whatever, just to run this program into my moog little phatty. something very small. what are my options for this program when it comes to operating system?


  • my computer is being dumb. i found it. mac. and windows. sorry for the thread.

    anyone here run this program on anything small? pros? cons? i just want a very small footprint to work with.
  • I use it on an 11" MacBook Air, and it still leaves plenty of room on screen for other things.  

    Also of note for this question, in future versions of both the M-185 and the Klee, I plan to implement the screen resizing function that you can see implemented on CycliC....
  • what are the chances of your stuff ever running on something like this? 

  • Zero chance right now.  Because my apps are mostly built with Max, I'm dependent on what systems it is able to run on.  Right now, that's just Mac and Windows, and not Android or iOS platforms unfortunately...
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