Does no work with my midi keybord

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I have just bought General midi player. 
Works with the mouse, with my macbookpro keyboard, but not with my M-Audio Keystation 61 es USB keyboard connected to the USB port (works with garage band). 
Any ideas ?


  • OK, I tried to quit two or three times, then the keyboard appeared on the list, but still no sound. 
    I tried again to quit and start again, switched the keyboard off and on,  and at least it works. 
    But as said in an other discussion, the volume is very low.
  • Is the volume low for all input methods?  In other words, is it equally low for mouse, QWERTY keyboard, and MIDI control?  Or just with your MIDI keyboard (M-Audio Keystation)?
  • No, the volume is much lower with the MIDI keyboard than with the mouse and the computer keyboard.
    Even of course when pressing strongly the keys and the volume slider at max (when pressing softly the sound is lower.
  • So it may be that your MIDI keyboard is not transmitting at full MIDI velocity.  

    To investigate this, could you perhaps post the raw MIDI output (using a tool like MIDI Monitor, which is free - ) that you see when you press and release a note or two on your keyboard?
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