hooking up de mc4

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Hello, i have some beginners questions, not mentioned in the manual:

1) how do i hook up the mc4 to the computer (mac)? 

2) what kind of cable do i use? mono or stereo?

3) the manual says you can send the sequence directly to the mc4, is it just like that or do i need to bring the mc4 in a receive mode or something? How to do it?

4) i would like to know more about the preferences, my options:
- audio:on
- driver: CoreAudio Build-in output, CoreAudio Build in line output, CoreAudio Build in digital output, Soundflower 2ch or 16ch, Live? Which one to choose?
- output destination: internal speakers
- playthrough input: Unsupported
- output channels 2
- channel 1 - 1 output
- channel 2 - 2 output

I hope somebody can help me out with this, mc4 hack might be the app i've been waiting for! Since the buttons of my mc4 are hard to handle!

Thanks very much,

Matthieu van Diepen


  • Hello, quiet place here...

    i tried some things out. And found out my questions myself.

    1) on the CMT in port
    2) stereo
    3) the steps are given in the manual
    4) CoreAudio Build in line output

    Thanks anyway :-)

    One more thing.

    The 9 button (i need for the load mode) on my mc4 is working only now and then. Does anybody know a way to clean the mc4 buttons? It behaves like if the contacts are not always functioning.

    Hope somebody know of a spray or something.

    Thanks Matthieu
  • Hi Matthieu,

    Glad you figured out this stuff on your own, sorry I wasn't speedier with my reply.  Re: mono or stereo, I think it doesn't matter, and I believe you can use a mono cable as well.

    Regarding fixing your MC-4's buttons, I think a better place to inquire would be on a list/forum like Analogue Heaven, Muff's, Synth DIY, or similar...
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