M-185, CycliC abandoned?

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I am really disappointed with the lack of updates for these two sequencers. 
 It is a shame because they are by far the best VST sequencers available, but they are not finished and don't need much. 
M-185 needs Scales....
Cyclic needs at least minimum/maximum range for notes, something like Klee has, 3,5,7ths 1,2,3,4,5+ octave range for random so it doesn't go into ridiculous note values.
I don't even dare to ask about midi.
Cyclic seems to have a problem when it sequences all 6 sequencers. It becomes sluggish...
Don't take it badly, but quite frankly I get better support for BCR2000 from Mark van Berg, that made an incredible editor for FREE and updates it and helps people. 
one thing is to sell (and I bought all 3 sequencers) another thing is to support products. I am not complaining, but would like to see at least the  minimum finish.
PS. Your site takes one! minute to load and keeps erasing text if you move anyting.


  • Yes, I need to apologize for the infrequent updates recently.  It shouldn't be an excuse because from a customer's perspective it doesn't matter, but for what it's worth, I spent the last several months moving to a new home with my family, and so unfortunately that has consumed whatever time I normally would have.  I'm a solo developer, and when "life" gets in the way, unfortunately the software update frequency suffers.

    Also, I've devoted what time I *have* had to working on the Apple sandbox stuff for two of my other apps (Audio Plugin Player and General MIDI Player), which sadly is still not going well.  I may put those aside for awhile to concentrate on the sequencers and other apps for now.

    FWIW the scales (and transpose) features are well on their way to being finished for the M185, but I'm not releasing it yet as there are other things I wanted to include.  I also need to sign these packages with my Apple Developer ID so that they work OK on Mountain Lion for the default security level.  Each release of my software has a lot of overhead in it for me (preparing docs, updating download packages, web site, etc..), so I like to pack as many things into each incremental release as possible, and not to have a million small releases. 

    And requests for Cyclic duly noted as well.

    Thanks for your feedback.  I've not forgotten nor abandoned the products.
  • Just a quick update for this thread - I will have the M185 and Klee updates ready soon, hopefully within a week at most.
  • v1.6 of M185 now available....
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