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Hello.  I'm creating MIDI files in Reason by playing live from a MIDI controller.  I see in the Hack's "sequences" window that the Gate and Step values are odd and variable numbers, due to the "live" element.  When I send this data to the 202, does the 202 not quantize the incoming data to values it can handle?  My results are very poor.  And if I check the "pad to bar" option, the tempo slows way down.  What am I doing wrong here?  Does the MIDI data have to be edited in Reason or the Hack to 202-friendly values for this method to work?  Thanks!


  • In addition, I have Reason, MC-202 Hack, and a TR-707 (Master) all set to 120 BPM.  Does the DIN sync cable need to be unplugged for this to work?
  • No, the 202 doesn't "quantize" the data - what you see in the Sequences tab equals what you get in the 202.  You can preview the sequence within the Sequences tab (using the software's Internal Synth), so you can get a feel for the sequence before sending it to the 202.

    As you speculated, what I would recommend doing is to take care of the quantizing and "fixing" of your MIDI data within Reason, before exporting the MIDI file, then import it into MC-202 Hack, and then to your 202.

    The "pad to bar" feature is especially useful when looping sequences in the 202; to understand how it works, take a look at the Documentation at the section called "Sequence Length", pages 29-30.

    Re: unplugging the DIN sync cable, I don't think you should have to - but if you're not getting the result you expect, try unplugging to see if it helps...
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