Audio Plugin Player with Improvisator.vst

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Hi, I was going to use this app with Harmony Improvisator VST ( and Logic Pro. The problem is Improvisator does not play chord progressions with your VST host. I guess it's because of the VST host's BPM not being transmitted properly. What could be the problem?
I tried Improvisator with freeware VSTLord. It works properly with it.
Also I set up Logic to send MIDI clock via IAC Driver and it seems to be working at least the BPM indicator shows correct tempo.


  • Sorry for the trouble.  I've never tried this plugin before, and I'm trying to get my head around the demo version.  Can you walk me through how it works, especially with respect to incoming tempo information?
  • Oh, OK, now I see how it is supposed to work.  Will have to dig in to understand why it is not working, give me some time...
  • Sure thanks for looking into this.

    Yet what would be great to have in this app is an option to keep the windows always on top regardless of the focus. I tried to use Afloat utility but unfortunately it's not working with this app
  • Will add that to the list of potential future improvements, thanks for the suggestion.
  • Just an update to let you know that I am corresponding with the folks behind Improvisator, got them a copy of my app, etc.. so hopefully will know more about why it's not working soon.
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