Cant get it to work...

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I'm trying to calibrate but its not happening. I cant even get Mary Had A Little Lamb in. I'm only bothered about midi>seq. Maybe im using the wrong cables? I dont know what to do. I have adjusted the gain up and down in increments of 5 and I just keep getting 3 beeps or sometimes 1 beep with the screen getting a number 1 then 3 beeps. Help?


  • First things first - the calibration is only necessary when going from the MC-202 into MC-202 Hack (that is, from sequence on your synth to a sequence on your computer).

    It sounds like you're more concerned about getting a MIDI sequence on your computer programmed onto your MC-202, correct?  

    If so, you don't have to worry at all about calibration.  First, be sure that you can "see" the sequence that you intend to send to the 202 on the Sequence tab in the software.  If you see the sequence there (and you can preview it there too), then move on to the Output tab.  It sounds like you just don't have the right levels going from your computer to the MC-202, or that you're not using the right cable.  I recommend a mono cable, but it does also work with a stereo cable in my experience.  Also, you have to be sure that you press all the buttons on the 202 before the leader tone finishes, and the data starts transmitting.  So be sure you're not too slow with the button pushes...
  • Yes I know, I read on a thread futher down.

    Yes I am mostly.

    I'm only using the demo at the moment. Isnt the first part of the calibration sending a sequence to the 202? I wanted to make sure it works before I purchase the full version. Ahhh ok I'm using a stereo one, I'll get one in the morning. I've been quick.
  • The mono cable may help, but my best guess is that it's just a level issue - sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to get the levels right so the 202 is happy.

    Re: the calibration - yes, for the "Auto" calibration, that's how it works.  It sends a known sequence to the 202, then it reads that sequence back in, and adjusts the settings so that inbound feed is interpreted correctly.  Again though, you shouldn't have to worry at all about calibrating for the computer --> 202 direction.  It's only for the other way round that it is sometimes needed.
  • Would there be a reason mine looks like it does rather than the picture in the manual?
  • If the waveform on the right represents the low frequency waveform, something doesn't seem quite right with your 202; the two frequencies (high and low) should be roughly the same amplitude (at least in all of the audio output dumps that I've seen).  That said, it does seem like the peak detection is working in that section, even at that low amplitude. 

    Have you ever tried recording a sequence dump out of your 202, and then seeing if you can read it back into the 202 (without using MC-202 Hack at all)?  I'm very curious if it will work...
  • No. I'll give it ago tomorrow. I have had it running on tape sync in tho.
  • This is what I got out, but I havent had any luck getting it back in D:
    A 6 note simple sequence.
  • I'm guessing this means there is something wrong. Could you direct me to someone who can help?
  • The recording is definitely not quite right - there's period of very low amplitude waveforms, then very distorted sections too.  And there are "clicks" even in the quiet section, that seem like a bad connection or something?  I'm not really sure where to start - have you ever opened up your 202 to see what it looks like inside?  Maybe there's something obvious...
  • I have when i bought it about a month ago just generally looked and gave it all a quick dust.
    Ill trace the tape in and out to the chip and check for anything obvious. The whole unit is in pretty good condition other than the start light which needs resoldering.
  • Have you got an example of a good wave for comparison? Cheers
  • I'm presuming you're on a PC, since you created a Windows Media file before.  Look in the application folder, in support/mc-202_hack/.  You should see a file there called maryhad_internal_and_external.wav .  That's the file that the application uses to send to the 202 during the automatic calibration procedure.  That should give you a good example of what a good waveform looks like.
  • Cheers for the help and quick replys
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