Just the 1st channel works!!

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Hello, the demo works perfectly. 

So i bought the full version. But now I'm testing it i find out the only the first channel work. As soon as i add notes to a second channel, save it, load it, i get an ERR message. Then when i go back to just 1 channel, then it's ok again. What could be the problem here?

Thanks Matthieu


  • ps: i tried to adjust the volume settings, with no result

    ps2: i used a mono and a stereo cable, nope

    ps3: i recorded directly to the mc4
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    Hi Matthieu, sorry for the trouble, we'll get to the bottom of it.

    Can you tell me whether you're importing a MIDI file and having its data spread across two channels, or are you just manually adding notes to the 2 channels in the tables?

    Also, when using just one channel (successfully), how many notes (roughly) were in the sequence?  Have you tried sending a LONG (say 30-40 notes or more) to the MC-4?  And when trying (unsuccessfully) to use two channels, roughly how many notes were involved in each sequence?
  • Hello Dan,

    I did it manually. On one channel i just added 8 notes (0 to 7). On both channels 8 notes.

    When using one channel succesfully i also inserted 8 notes manually.

    I will try to add a longer sequence as well. Btw i own a A-model (so no extra memory). 8 notes on 2 channels shouldn't be a problem. At least it's no problem when i program it straight on the mc-4


  • Thanks for the info - definitely do try a longer sequence, just into one channel, and see how that goes.

    I'm trying to determine if the problem relates to the length of the sequence, or whether it's a function of spanning multiple channels.

    Agree, this should not be a problem for the A model!
  • Hi Dan,

    i did these tests:

    i turned on the mc-4 and put it in the Load mode

    I started SH

    then i inserted manually 64 notes in SH in channel 1, made the mc-4 file,  loaded it to the mc4 -> works fine

    then i inserted manually 64 notes in SH in channel 2, made the mc-4 file

    i rebooted the mc-4, put it in the Load mode

    loaded the mc-4 file to the mc-4 -> then i got the ERR

    so i did another test

    i rebooted the mc-4, put it in the Load mode

    i quit SH and started it again

    then i inserted manually 64 notes in SH in channel 2 (so channel 1 i left empty), made the mc-4 file

    loaded it to the mc4 -> now something funny happened;

    - on the display is flashing LD (=load)
    - the channel 1 led on the mc-4 is flashing

    This i can reproduce every time i follow these procedures.

    So it seems that a second channel can't be loaded.

    Has this been tested ever with a mc-4? Or am i the first?

    Anyway, if this software works, it would be fantastic (although my 9-button (load-button) is a bit sloppy). Or is it just too good to be true?


  • Anyway Dan, if this works this software is very valuable to me. So i'm willing to spend the time it needs to iron out the bugs if i can help you with testing/trying etc, regards Matthieu
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    Thanks for the tests Matthieu.  The software definitely works - as you probably read in the documentation, I myself don't have an MC-4 (which makes testing much harder!), but I had a group of very dedicated beta testers who helped me.  I'm a bit puzzled as to what is going on - we definitely tested multichannel during the beta period.  I will ask them for their feedback on this.  In the meantime; could you do this:  Start the software fresh, and put 8 notes on each of two channels.  Then make and save the file, and please post it here so I can look at it....
  • Hello Dan, 

    i made 4 wav files:

    1) mc4_1_channel.wav - 8 notes 1 channel
    2) mc4_2_channel.wav - 8 notes 2 channels
    3) mc4_3_channel.wav - 8 notes 3 channels
    4) mc4_4_channel.wav - 8 notes 4 channels

    I attached the files in 1 zip,

    Thanks very much for the support!


    mc4.zip 19.7K
  • hello Dan, i attach another sample 64 notes on 2 channels, regards Matthieu
  • Thanks Matthieu - I will take a look and report back.  I'm also hopeful that one or more of the app's beta testers will be able to try these files on their machines to see if they load successfully.
  • Well, at a very high level at least, things seem to be working as they should - you can see how the four files that incrementally add notes on more channels become longer, with the notes for the preceding channels being included in the file unchanged... So the program seems to be working as it should.  Let's see if the beta testers can load the files on their MC-4's...
  • Heya lads,

    I was able to load all the MC4 files Matthieu posted into my MC4b without any errors. All the channels expected showed up in each case (ie, 2 channels in the 2 channel file etc).

    Let me know if you want me to test any more files.

  • Thanks Stephen,

    please can you tell how to load the wav-files directly to the mc4? (like you did)

    until now i sent the notes directly from mc4 hack to the mc4.

    i would like to follow the same steps as you did. Can you give me instructions on this procedure?

    Thanks Matthieu

  • I just put the wav files into Logic and played the audio out from my soundcard into the MC4.
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