ideas about midi mapping the presets individually

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how hard would it be to implement a way to have a midi preset for each of the circles in the preset menu? i like how it scrolls between them, and im sure it seamlessly goes from one to another, but i was just trying to figure out a way to make my behringer fcb1010 foot controller midi thingie control individual presets if that makes sense.


  • i can program it to send cc per footswitch. fyi.
  • on a sidenote, ive been able to make some insanely fun and crazy techno with this beast. ive been running my korg electribe drum machine, with the midi out going into my laptop, into m185, controlling its tempo, and running the m185 out and into my moog little phatty, and using that for bass. my novation remote 25 is currently being repaired, so ive been using a old oxygen8 i had laying around to control the m185. 4 steps on the m185. 4 knobs controlling note length. 4 controlling midi on off on each step, and using the keys to pick notes. i am getting some really insane sounds when i turn on the arppegiator in the moog, unlatched, and run the m185 into it. its crazy. the m185 dictates the phrasing, so no matter what tempo i have the moog on, it matches up in some crazy sort of fucked way. i can like modulate between tempos that match up in weird places. its nuts. and fun. ill make a video soon showing you all. my midisport midi interface also has a thru button, which is unpressed, i can play the moog with the oxygen8, making it really easy and fast to switch back and forth between what the m185 is playing on the moog, and what i am playing live on the oxygen8 controlling the moog. fun stuff.
  • am i dumb again? i assigned the presets to a knob, which is cc, and it scrolls through the presets. will it actually already do what im wondering? i left my midi interface at my practice place, so i havent been able to check.
  • All the presets respond to just one CC value - the actual preset that is selected depends on the value that is sent to it.  The range of possible values is 0 to 127, and so it divides that range by the 16 possible preset locations.  So values 0 through 8 select the 1st preset, values 9 through 16 select the 2nd preset, values 17 through 25 select teh 3rd preset, and so on.


    Oh, and *definitely* post a video on YouTube or something with the setup you describe, sounds great!  That's one thing about writing this software, I never get as much time as I'd like to actually use it to do fun stuff like you describe!
  • i think i can program my foot controller to have them all send the same cc, but i can pick different ranges for each switch. so i think i can do this. going to mess with it tomorrow. video possibly within the week.
  • Cool, looking forward to it!
  • i got everything hooked up and working last night. im going to try and record a video tonight detailing what i got hooked up and where its going and what not. ill keep you posted. fun stuff.
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