New version 2.2 now available

edited December 2012 in Klee
New Klee update now ready!

Here's what's new:

* MIDI CC controllers are now scaled to cover their full 0-127 range
* Can now add MIDI CC controller manually (in addition to automated MIDI learn)
* Can now save default MIDI controller device and controller map
* Application size now configurable
* On Macintosh, now compliant with Gatekeeper (10.7.x and 10.8.x) setting that allows identified Apple developer applications to be installed


  • Thank you for the update.
    So far I really like it, everything is perfect and the improvements make a difference...

    A side note, Klee is so deep, every time I open it, I find out that I still don't understand it fully and there is something new...

    I am doing new MIDI templates for BCR2000 and I can send them to you to if you like.

    Best, and thanx for support 
  • Hi soundwave - yes please share the BCR2000 templates.  Just make a new topic, and attach the file there...

    Thank you!
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