M-185 BCR2k MIDI template

edited December 2012 in M-185
New update-new template;-)

hope you find them useful and working


  • Thanks Soundwave!
  • how does one use this?  do i have to convert this to sysex or something? 

    please help!
  • No clue from my end, as I'm not a BCR user.  Hopefully @soundwave is listening and will chime in...
  • Ecstatic, you use it as any midi controller.
    Load the template into an empty BCR memory slot and use it...it is mapped to almost all functions of M185.
    I thought that there is a photo included of what does what.
    If not, just move pots etc...simple really

  • sorry I realised that it was converted to text.
    You must convert it back to midi.
    There is a feature that does that....it's been ages since I used it...I sold it a few years ago.
    If it doesn't work make your own following the photo. Assign and save template
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