Edit Buffer Errors, "Error in preset xx!"

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I'm having problems with a PC1600X.  It won't take bulk dumps anymore.  It keeps reporting edit buffer errors and "error in preset xx!" where xx is a number from 1-40.  Any ideas? I'm sending the same SYX files as always.  I turned it on a while back and had to initialize due to the memory getting scrambled.


  • A shot in the dark, but are you still using the same software/computer to send the bulk dump?  Perhaps it's a timing problem, I know some applications and/or MIDI interfaces send sysex dumps in ways that audio gear sometimes doesn't like...
  • Yes, and I think it was OK after receiving a dump a while back, but then I turned it off and back on again a few days later, and the memory was scrambled.
  • Another shot in the dark - perhaps a batter-related thing?  Have you ever changed the battery in the device?  (Or applied the no-battery modification?  http://tubefex.home.comcast.net/%7Etubefex/OrderingUpgrading.html#NiMH and http://www.flickr.com/photos/30259062@N07/page3/
  • I haven't, and that may be it.  Are there instructions in the manual on that, and is there soldering involved?
  • No instructions in the manual, or anywhere for that matter - only the pictures in the link I sent you. And yes there is some minimal soldering (though perhaps not, see below).  It's a pretty trivial process:

    1) You desolder the existing battery.  You can probably even just cut it out with some clippers.
    2) Get the non-volatile SRAM chip, info linked in the first link in my post above.  I got mine before they were pre-soldering the resistor on the chip (see photos in 2nd link).  But I believe they are now presoldering a small surface mount resistor so you don't have to!
    3) Swap the existing RAM chip for the new non-volatile one - it's socketed in the PC1600, so no soldering required.

    That's it - the unit will no longer ever need a battery!
  • I will definitely check into that; thanks.
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