Peavey PC-1600 or another gear?

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Looking for controllers to control and edit MIDI expanders, particulary a Roland JD-990, JV-2080 and eventually a Yamaha TG500
some says I better purchase a JD-800 for the first one,
does the Peavey a good choice, feeling more like a musician and I don't want to spend to much time inside the technical side
of Sysex and Midi CC and so on to edit my sounds simply without to much trial and manual studies...
if you have some good advices, I would be grateful... ;)


  • The PC-1600(x) is an older piece of gear, but was/is very powerful - it allows full sysex and CC sending ability, and is quite configurable.  That said, it does not have many of the more easy to use automatic mapping abilities of newer controllers, for example Novation "automap" functionality.

    And you do have to read the manual a bit.  Once you understand how it works, I find it quite easy to use, but it is not "plug and play."

    Hope that helps!
  • Also FYI I moved this thread to the PC-1600 section of the forum, was misplaced in the Audio Plugin Player section... :-)
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