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Hi there i cannot get it to wrk.
I have a mac and apogee ensemble
I keep getting the 3 beeps when trying to calibrate, could you help?
when i enter manual mode i am getting around 1132 
I have a loud signal but cannot get past step 1


  • Hi lionelred,

    First, lets make sure that you even need to do the calibration; most people don't realize that the calibration is ONLY needed if you need to go from your 202 back to the computer.  Is that what you're trying to do, or the opposite? (computer to 202)?
  • Hi there,
     I am trying to store a pattern and then i guess i might like to send it back to the 202

  • OK, so it does sound like you want to go in both directions then.

    Let's try and get auto calibration working.  All that happens in Step 1 is that a known good MC-202 cassette signal is sent to your 202.  You say you get three beeps in Step 1 - that means that the outbound cassette signal from MC-202 going to your 202 (you've plugged into the cassette input, right?) is either too soft or too loud - you just have to manually try to adjust the level until you find the right spot.  It helps also to use a mono-phonic jack on the 202 side...
  • the freq is 1186.8 signal looks strong on screen but records as a big block
  • The frequency detection thing is on the manual calibration screen - please go back to the auto calibration and start there.
  • I have tried this And i am going rouns and round step 1 is load so i am using a mini mono cable to Load IN from my apogee ensemble and beeps 3 times
  • i have got step 2 do i change my cables for this i.e tape to sound card in?
  • ok so i got to step 3 and is say K2/K3 being tried...
  • sorted thanks! amazing!!!!
  • i have loaded a sequence into hack but it beeps 3times what should i do?

  • Can you be more specific - so it seems like you're done with calibration, and now you are trying to send a sequence from Hack into your 202?  And getting 3 beeps?  That means that the output signal going from your computer to the 202 is not at a good level.  Are you sure you have the cables right?  Apogee OUT to 202 IN?
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