Note change bug

edited February 2013 in M-185
I wiped the virtual dust off M-185 and was playing with it and to my surprise the bank, or preset does not record/change notes!!!
All changes are recorded in snapshot except NOTES. They stay always the same? 
Anybody else noticed that? (windows-7 here)


  • Ugh, it seems worse than that actually, the number of steps and stage mode are not being saved/recalled either... I must have broken something with the last update.  Thanks for letting me know, will look at!!
  • edited February 2013
    Thank you Dan, strange that I did not notice it with last update,...hope it's nothing serious...
    BTW, MIDI control is fine.
  • Believe it or not, I think this bug has been in there since version 1.5!  

    I see what the problem is, and have implemented a fix that I believe is working.  I have to do regression testing, and if OK, then package the update up, etc... so it might be a little bit before I get it out there - but rest assured the fix is coming. 

    Thanks again for reporting this!
  • @soundwave, I've posted the updated M185 version 1.6.2 that addresses this bug.   I'll send you a private message with the download location.
  • Thank you, will check it out ASAP.
  • Seems to work perfect...Thank you:-)
  • Great, thanks for reporting the problem, and for giving this new version a try!
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