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Could somebody give me a digikey or any other usa parts place link for the pc1600x replacement buttons?



  • Hmm, that's a new one for me - afraid I have no info on that one, sorry!
  • So what are people doing when the buttons become unreliable?
  • Did you find a replacement button? I'm trying to figure it out now. I've included some photos.
  • As I said above, I've not had to do this on mine, but visually these seem like very standard tactile switches. Have you looked on Mouser or similar? Take a look:
  • I have Omron b3w 4050s switches left over from updating my tr606. I was hoping they might fit but the stem is much too wide. The switches in the PC1600x also seem have solder lugs, which I don't see in the Mouser catalogue.
  • Re: solder lugs - can't you just limit the Mouser search to "through hole"?
  • I can't see anything. I might have to forgo the lugs and buy new caps for the 3.8mm plunger
  • Anyone ever get anywhere with this ?
    There are 208 pages of tactile switches on, at least ten of which look identical to the one in the images, but which have different core spec !!
  • I haven't heard anything on my end, sorry... One thing I might suggest - if you can track him down, John Fera from Peavey, who designed at least the software for the PC1600(x), in the past was very helpful when issues arose with the device. Maybe try asking him if he's got any info?
  • Hi, My first post here but I just wanted to let others know of my recent success replacing the PC1600x original tactile switches with Alps switches, SKHCBEA010, and they work perfectly as replacements. The original switches were playing up but I always thought they were a little unreliable and didn't always work when pressed. The Alps switches are higher quality. (BTW, the type I chose are slightly lighter to press but they have other switches in the same range with a higher newton pressure, etc.)

    Unfortunately the original caps don't fit the top of these Alps switches. Alps do sell a cap and a transparent cap cover made for their switches which do then also fit the PC1600x front panel, however these are twice as expensive as their switches. But I found some other caps, APEM brand KTSC21K that fit the Alps switches almost as perfectly as Alps own, and they also fit the PC1600x front panel just as perfectly as the original caps. I bought mine from UK RS online but I guess they are available at mouser or digikey as well.

    Hope this helps someone. :)
  • That's fantastic, thanks for sharing that info, I'm sure will be helpful to other people!
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