Set GM as default MIDI player on iMac **SORTED**

If this is a dumb question - I'm sorry ....

I can't seem to stop Sibelius being the default MIDI play on my iMac. Can I set GM to be default? How?

Even QT would be better than Sibelius!

Kind Regards




  • Out of curiosity, how did you do it?
  • Hi!

    Partial success ....

    If you access the .mid 'info' pane you can specify which app is used to play it. You can select a suitable player such as QT. You are also able to specify that EVERY .mid file on your Apple uses that app. But - due to my ignorance/stupidity I didn't realise that GM will not act as a midi player .... it didn't cost me that much ...

    Kind Regards

  • Yeah, that's been the source of confusion for others too, I will have to try and address that in the App Store description with the next update.... 
  • That's an honourable thing to do - well done!

    And thank you .....

  • Just FYI, the latest versions (starting with v2.0) of General MIDI Player do now play General MIDI files.
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