New version 1.3 now available

edited March 2013 in Audio Plugin Player
I finally sorted the new Apple sandbox restrictions for the Mac App Store, and so a new version of APP is now available!  Updates include:

  • New ability to route external audio input through effect plugin, rather than output of plugin instrument
  • New transpose ability when in MIDI input mode
  • New ability to send MIDI output generated from plugin instrument
  • New ability to unload a plugin without loading a new one
  • New ability to refresh patch names for plugins
  • New ability to close preferences window by clicking logo on top, as well as by Close button
  • Fixed bug in QWERTY Global input mode, should now be more reliable on various systems

Get the update via the App Store app on your Mac....


  • 1.3 broke the ability to load Arturia plugins.  Complains about license errors.  Standalone or in Logic the plugins work fine.
  • Thanks for the report, and sorry - their seems to be a problem with multiple plugins and their authorizations.  It's related to the Apple sandbox stuff that has been implemented.  Trying to figure out a fix....
  • This must be why i can get sylenth 1 to see my licence data works fine in VSTLORD but i like your program better hope you can fix this soon 

  • Yes, sorry - working on it, hopefully the fix that I'm working on will pass the Apple Store gatekeepers...
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