Just downloaded the demo, but...

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Hi there,

I found some Klee's videos on YouTube and I downloaded the demo a couple of hours ago. I was trying to send some MIDI from Klee to my Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, but I can't make it work properly. Well, I tried everything. With Max4Live's sequencer works fine, so I think that I didn't made anything wrong with the routings... Any tip, please? I really want to know if I can bring Klee to my setup :-)

(edit: I checked with M-185 demo and everything works well there)

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  • Hi Marc,

    Sorry for delay in responding - I'm still figuring out this forum software, and haven't quite got it mastered to the point that I get notified for every new post!

    Especially since you got it to work just fine with the M-185 demo, my guess is that you have not set up the Klee's busses and such set up properly.  Let me walk you through a very basic setup of how to "make some sound":

    1) Start up Klee, be sure that 8x2 and Pattern are selected in Pattern section, and that External Load is Off, and that Invert B and Gate Bus 1 Load modes are also off.  Also, in Clock section, select Internal for your clock.
    2) In Busses area, in Bus 1 section, select the appropriate MIDI device and Channel for your Six Trak.
    3) In Output area, in Group A section, choose Gate Bus 1 as the destination bus.
    4) In Group A section, select stage 1, by clicking the square labeled "1" to turn it red.
    5) Now press Load in the Pattern section, and then you can start the transport by pressing the Play button in the Clock section.  You should now here a note play every 8 clock ticks - if not please report back!

    The Klee definitely takes some time to wrap your head around; if you've not had a chance yet, I would definitely go through the documentation, specifically the Usage - The Basics section.

  • Reviving this old thread, as someone just messaged me privately after struggling to get sound out of the Klee when using the steps above.  Well, that's because I forgot one important step!  So please add the following to the above:

    4.5) In Bus Assignment section, select radio button "1" in the leftmost Stage 1 column.
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