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Hi, I'm running M185 on a windows machine as a slave to cubase 7 using loopbel and it's syncing fine. Is there any way of using the midi keyboard connected to cubase to transpose the sequencers on the M185? I tried creating a separate midi sequence in cubase with the midi channel as loopbel which sends midi data to the M185 but loopbel shuts down due to a midi loop. I'd rather not buy a midi controller unless I have to.

Thanks for your help.


  • Right now, the only way in which M185 responds to incoming MIDI *note* messages is when set to have MIDI Note Control ON (on Setup page); this in turn makes the Stages you have selected (on the Main screen) be set to the incoming MIDI note.

    The only way right now to have the overall Transpose amount respond to keyboard control, is if you can have Cubase transpose incoming note messages to CC messages which in turn are sent to M185 (I don't know Cubase well enough to know if this is possible or not).  Then in M185, be sure to set the Transpose parameter to respond to that same incoming CC message from Cubase.
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