Need testers for new 1.3 version

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I am going back and forth with Apple on getting compliant with their Mac App Store sandbox restrictions, and I need help in testing the new 1.3 update, specifically if you are using a USB or Firewire CoreAudio device.  If so, and you're willing to try the new version, please email me at 

dan [at]

Please include in your email a screenshot of your desktop with your existing copy of General MIDI Player open on it, and with an instrument of your choice highlighted in the Instrument drop down menu.  This is so I can ensure that your a current user of the application (no way for me to find out from Apple).


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    I use a MacBook Pro 15 in.  OS X 10.8.2, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB  Logic Pro, Harmony Assistant, ReFlow, Roland A-30 controller, iPod: ReFlow, Music Studio, iComposer, Lyric Master 4000. I'd be happy to help. I've sent an e-mail. to dan [at] defectiverecords.comimage
  • Thanks, will be in touch!
  • How is 1.3 coming along?
  • I found a few issues with the new version (thanks to the beta testers), and I'm trying to figure them out now...
  • Happy to report that version 1.3 is now available in the App Store!
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