Routing MIDI from Reason 7

Hi Scratching my head a bit. I want to route MIDI from Reason 7's external midi instrument to Audio Plugin Player, and route it back into an audio track in Reason via Soundflower. I can see all my control surfaces in APP, but I'm scratching my head how to get the midi from Reason. Any help gratefully received. The out to Soundflower is all present and correct and I can play parts via the keybpard control surface.



  • You need to use the Mac's built-in Inter-Application Communication (IAC) MIDI bus.  Have you enabled the IAC Driver in the Audio MIDI Setup application?  If not, do so.  Then you will see that as a MIDI option in both Audio Plugin Player and in Reason.  Use that to get MIDI from one app to the other...
  • I also use this with reason 7 it works fine :) if you need any help just ask 

  • Thanks Dan, that worked a treat. And thanks for the offer Combo.
  • Great, glad you got it working!
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