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Hey Defective!

I've tried my best to find out on my own to no avail. so I have to say I'm at a loss =/  and ask for your expertise. Apologies in advance if I sound like a broken record. I searched for previous posts regarding my situation and found nothing. If I've I missed them, please just point me in the right direction!

My dream is to have a setup with the PC1600x controlling a set of Cubase mixer functions possibly similiar to:
pieter vincenten
or just a set up 16 mixer volumes, or the eq's, efx sends etc etc....

below is a list of the synths I'd like to control via Cubase like in the subject header.
I've tried loading the Tx81Z patches into the device and got it to accept them, sort of.... Cubase receives midi from the PCX but I don't understand how to get the midi message to get through cubase to the synths.

Cubase 5
Yam. TX81Z
Korg  03/RW
Rol.   JV-880
Yam. QY-70
Peavey Spectrum Synth [ my unit already has this template installed but how to get it to talk to the synth through cubase :( ]
midisport 4x4

thanks guys!


  • I'm not sure I completely follow you - why do you think you have to go through Cubase to control your synths?  Even if you have Cubase sending MIDI to those synths, you can also have your PC1600x also send MIDI directly to those synths (and not go "through" Cubase)?
  • how would the PCX 'talk' to the synths if everything is plugged into a midi interface? I just assumed cubase became a hub for the midi communication. I think i'm misunderstanding something fundamental to how the PCX communicates to several different synths via midi and a midi interface without plugging directing into them.

  • Ah, OK, now I see what you're talking about.  In general, your PC1600x can of course talk directly to your hardware synths, but the challenge is that you have a multiport midi interface, and so you need software to route the PC1600x info to the right ports - I get it.

    I'm not a Cubase user any more (stopped in the late '80's or so!), so I don't know exactly how to do it.  But basically, I would imagine that you should be able to set up a track to listen to incoming MIDI (from the PC1600x), and then take that same MIDI and in turn route it to another MIDI device (e.g. one of your synths)?  Then for each different synth you want the PC1600 to talk to, set up a different track.  You'll need to ensure that your PC-1600x setups are set to send to the correct MIDI channel for each device too.

    Good luck!
  • now we're talking! AND it's given me an idea to try just that. will report back.

    thanks for your time!

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