Version 1.5 now available!

edited June 2011 in M-185
A new version of the software M185 step sequencer is now available...

Here's what's new:

* External MIDI controller support via MIDI CC messages
* Map CC to UI control by MIDI "learn" functionality or by manual mapping
* MIDI Note control feature for Stages added
* Ability to specify default CC mappings and MIDI controller device
* "." key now toggles between Main and Setup pages
* VSTs no longer duplicated in Output menu after Rescan Plugins or Rebuild Plugin Cache functions selected
* VSTs no longer duplicated in Output menu after viewing About M185 screen
* On Windows, clicking anywhere on app activates the window (not just on the title bar)
* Preferences folder now correctly named "M185 Preferences Folder" instead of "Klee Preferences Folder"
* On startup, each stage set to C4, instead of an ascending scale
* On Macintosh, Max/MSP users will no longer have M185 open inappropriately instead of Max, when double-clicking a Max patcher

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