setting Vst path causes crash

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i was trying the demo version of Klee and everything was pretty good. I was just setting up one Vst-plug and everything worked out very smoothie. So i decided to puchase and finally my prob was starting up. When im trying to add a whole folder filled with plugs Klee always crashes on startup. whats the point and the way to fix it ?

thanks very much


  • Sorry for the trouble.

    The problem is that the app sometimes doesn't "like" some VST plugins, and it ends up crashing when it encounters them.  The way to fix this is to temporarily remove some of the plugins in your plugins folder, and restart the app - if OK, then you can gradually start to put back plugins into the folder, restarting the app after each time.  Eventually, you will find the plugin(s) that are causing trouble for the app.

    BTW, I'm moving this thread to the "Klee" category...
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    I encountered the same issue which was quickly solved by creating a Klee specific VST folder (not just for the crashing, but also with less VST's in it as the scan is fairly slow). Works a charm!
  • Yes, that's another very effective approach, thanks Drakhe!
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