Edirol PCR midi templates for M185

edited June 2011 in M-185
Hi all,
Here are 2 templates for Edirol PCR series midi controllers. Copy the 2 PCR300 texts into M185 folder.
Made to run one or two M185s simultaneously, templates E,F. (B7,B8)
The 2 Edirol texts must be converted back to midi. 
I used GoMinimal2.5, but any number of free converters are available, depending on your OS



  • Thanks Soundwave!
  • Wow! This is great. Thank you! I have both the Roland PCR-300 and PCR-800 which I use quite a bit. I really think these are great controllers for using with sysex commands. I'm currently trying out the M185 demo today. Fantastic!
  • Great, glad you find it useful:)...
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