Alesis QX49 doesn't play the Piano One vst plugin,

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My Alesis QX49 midi keyboard does not play the Piano One vst plugin, though it does play by mouse and by qwerty keyboard.  How can I fix this problem?


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    So just to confirm the obvious, you've got the correct MIDI Input Device and Channel, selected, right?

    If so, could you confirm with another software app that you are able to receive MIDI info from your Alesis?  I routinely use the free MIDI Monitor.
  • HI Dan--- JUST saw your response for which I thank you...  Midi Monitor registers my keyboard, and it plays in all other DAWs and applications (Ableton Lite 8.4.1, Audacity, Garage Band, Ignite, Sibelius, Notion, etc.).  My hope was to be able to use Piano One as a "standalone" just to hear chord voicings, while still having another program (e.g., Notion) running and responding to the keyboard when I want to enter the voicing I chose into the score.  Will that EVER be possible, or can only one program get signals from the midi keyboard at a time?
  • P.S.-- the Piano One vst continues to play in Audio Plugin Player by mouse and by QWERTY keyboard... just not via the QX49....  {:~(  Thanks for your help!!
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    You should be able to have more than one app access the MIDI device at the same time.  I just double-checked here with Audio Plugin Player and Ableton 8.  

    While in Audio Plugin Player, could you press Command-M; this will open a new window with some text in it.  Please take a screenshot of that window so I can read the text, and post it here.  It may have some troubleshooting info that will give me a clue as to what's going on.
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