Help with 2-part variables on SysEx strings

I've figured out how to program custom SysEx strings into the PC1600x which only use one variable, then to set the range of values for the variable.  Simple enough.

My question is, how do you set up strings that use 2-part, high and low value variables?  Example, to modify the pitch of voice 1 of the user voice bank in a Yamaha RM50:

F0 43 10 30 [start, Yamaha, device #, RM50]

03 06 00 00 02 [voice parameter change, user bank, voice #1, "easy voice", pitch]

xx yy [parameter value (high), parameter value (low)]

F7 [end]

Overall, the string would be something like F0 43 10 30 03 06 00 00 02 xx yy F7.  The MIDI specifications in the RM50 manual state that the settings/range for the high parameter are 0-1 high 1bit, and the settings/range for the low parameter are 0-127 low 7 bit.  How does this translate into something I can enter into the PC1600X?  I didn't see anything that went into this much detail in the manual, and any help would be appreciated.


  • Take a look at Appendix B of the PC1600x manual - it discusses multi-byte parameters, which I think is what you need in this case.  You'll need to figure out what format your RM50 is expecting for the two byte message.
  • I think that's right.  I had another copy of the manual originally that cut off before getting to Appendix B, so I must have missed it the first time around.  The manual actually does a decent job of explaining it to a certain extent.  

    Based on this, I started searching on "multi-byte parameters" and SysEx, and that's turning up some other useful references.  If anyone knows of any more good ones, I'd surely appreciate links to them.

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