[Audio Plugin Player] - add sessions support

edited August 2013 in Audio Plugin Player

Please add the ability to save and open current session (all the routing plus plugins settings) in a file. Also would be great autoload feature - to open selected session at startup - the same way as it implemented in AULab.

I use it as the wrapper for spectrum analyzer to make it standalone. And it is great just to start the application and to receive immediately working analyzer with all parameters setted up.

Audio Plugin player - great application, but to say the truth I purchased it just because AULab is quite bugged in my machine: it works incorrectly with my RME interface and cause me to do "stop engine -> switch input channels to other -> start engine -> stop engine -> switch input channels back -> start engine", otherwise it won't receive any audio input or just freezes if switch inputs with engine started.

At least would be ok to save current session at quit and autoload it at startup, as was suggested here already.


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