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Hi Help!
Got 2 controllers inputting Midi to M185 for Midi Learn remote control. It have achieved this via using Midi OX & Yoke utilising a virtual midi port from Yoke. The M185 program accepts the signals from Yoke but on the Launchpad I would like to control the 'pulse counts', 'stages' & 'midi activate for midi note' buttons on each of the channels within M185.

Has anyone had any experience with this? I can't seem to get the Launchpad button to be latch type and the midi learns don't seem to take like I would like them to. I would be grateful for any tip and tricks.

I want to buy this excellent piece of software but would like to control those buttons so I can incorporate this instrument into live performance.

Thanks in advance



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    I don't have any experience with using MIDI OX and MIDI Yoke together like this, so just been doing some reading up on it.  So it seems that it allows you to merge two MIDI streams together, from your 2 controllers, correct?

    At any rate, what I would do first is try to connect your Launchpad directly to the M185, and see if you can get the buttons working via MIDI Learn without the MIDI OX/Yoke stuff in-between.  If for some reason you can't get the MIDI Learn working, know that you can also program the CC messages manually on the Setup page too.

    Once you have that working, then you could go back to try and get the OX/Yoke stuff working...
  • i will try assigning manually with just the launchpad in isolation. Will let you know thanks :-)
  • I'm sort of getting somewhere. I am running Novation Automap 4 and having to configure each button on the Launchpad within Automap 4. I am now getting responses if I manually assign in M185 :-)

    It would be really useful if the M185 documentation had a midi mapping table to recommend certain settings for each midi assignment, detailing the type of button/slider etc. I am having to use trial and error to determine the M185 manual assignment name type of control, ie: should it be a toggle, slider etc. I should imagine a standard CC number assignment could be recommended too.

    I need more time on this :-(
  • Oh forgot to say. If you get Automap 4 to look at your plug in folder you should be able to map those too. Will let you know when I try.
  • Thanks, will think about that for the future...  Glad to hear that you're making progress!
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