Glitch on Pete Namlook (Fax Records) tribute compilation

Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook was just released on Carpe Sonum Records, and it includes a re-mastered track by Glitch, "Kick The Habit." We were asked to participate in this fantastic effort with many other Fax Records "alumni" (4 CD's worth of music from alumni), along with Fax fans the world over (another 4 CD's worth of music). Other Fax alumni participating include Bill Laswell & Bernie Worrell, Richie Hawtin, Higher Intelligence Agency, Thomas Heckmann, Biosphere, .... the list goes on and on.

You can download digitally on the Bandcamp site, but know that this release will also be available as an 8 CD set, with a vinyl release planned for the future as well.

Pete died tragically and unexpectedly last year; all proceeds from this release will go to help his family. 
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