Imported MIDI files play tracks back-to-back instead of simultaneously

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Any idea what would be causing this? I'm exporting MIDI files from Logic X for use in MC-4 hack. These files will play back fine in a GM player, or play back fine when opened in DAW's but MC-4 hack plays back the MIDI tracks back to back instead of simultaneously. All data appears in Channel 1, and (for example) track 1 from the MIDI file will play...then track 2 will play after it...then track 3 will play after that instead of them properly ending up in Channels 1, 2, 3, 4. 


  • If not too much trouble, could you post an example MIDI file that I can look at?

  • Hi Dan, I've had this issue with quite a few MIDI files too. The only way to get around it was to turn each channel into single track MIDI files in Logic and import them separately into MC-4 Hack. I've attached a file that plays back to back instead of simultaneously.
    Any help on how to edit a MIDI file so it can be imported all at once would be really appreciated,
  • Thanks for posting the example, I definitely see what you mean.  I will have to take a look to see what's going on.   I thought for sure the answer was going to be in the Logic Preferences setting under General tab, where it says "'Export MIDI File' saves single MIDI regions as type 0", but messing with that hasn't changed the end result in MC-4 Hack...
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    I think I understand what's happening.  If you look at the MIDI data stream from the file you sent (see attachment), you can see that the notes for the two tracks are immediately adjacent to each other, and at the exact same time (take a look at the very first C2 and C4 notes).  Since they are also on the same MIDI channel, and since MC-4 Hack has to create a monophonic sequence, it drops one of those two notes, since they start at the exact same time.  The same holds true for all of the subsequent notes.

    My MIDI routines don't detect the track information that is embedded somewhere in the MIDI file, though I still don't quite understand how that info separates the MIDI info into two separate tracks.  At any rate, I don't think there's an easy fix on the MC-4 Hack side.  

    For now, the best thing I'd suggest is to import the file into a DAW, adjust each track to be on a different MIDI channel, and then re-export the midi file so that the note info for each track is on a different MIDI channel.  Then MC-4 Hack should be able to correctly import the distinct tracks.

    All that said, when I just tried this myself in Logic X, for some reason I still couldn't get the import to work right in MC-4 Hack, but I think it's because I'm doing something wrong in Logic.  Will follow up when I get a chance!
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