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If you want an MC4B, I have one for sell for 500€. Few switches have got a bad contact and have to be replaced or to repaint the contact with carbon paint. Why do you not answer to my question on the forum?


  • Thanks for the post, though I don't need one myself - maybe someone else on the forum does though!

    Re: your post - I apologize, I didn't see your last reply - I will post there now.

    Also, I moved this post to the MC-4 section of the forum...
  • Dan,

    Your effort about this software are enormous.
    I thank you again.
    I would really apreciate if you could add this function allowing to quantize gate and step values.
    The interesting aspect with the MC4 it is that the data are managed in parallel.
    Which make the tightest analog sequencer ever.

    At the moment, with the midi import, the MC4 works with step and gates which are not so tight like the MC4
    initially proposed.

    For this reason, it is not anymore interesting to use an MC4... With MC4 Hack.

    If you want to make a music with a musical feeling that's not a problem.
    But if you want to compose something robotic sounding like Kraftwerk it is a problem.
    Instead of having a step at 30, the midi import makes a step at 32 and the next one can be 34 instead of 30...

    I hope I am clear enough and you understood the problematic.

    For exemple, the old Atari Cubase already allowed a quantising for 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, etc...
    It would be perfect to have this as well on the MC4 hack for the step and gate. 
  • Yes, I understand completely.  Until I get to update MC-4 Hack though, why don't you just quantize the MIDI track before importing it to MC-4 Hack as a workaround?
  • I did, in addition using very in-complicated 1/4 time and 1/2 notes (score) at 120 BPM.
    And I exactly got this kind of accuracy.

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