Audio Plugin Player crashes when loading Alchemy after having upgraded to Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick

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after having upgraded to Mac OS X 10.9, Audio Plugin Player crashes when loading the Alchemy plugin 1.55. I reinstalled both, Alchemy as well as Audio Plugin Player, but it didn't help. Crash report is attached.



  • From a quick look at the crash log, it looks like it's crashing when it's within Alchemy's code.  Have you asked them if they know of any problems on their end in 10.9 environments?
  • Thanks! I'll ask ' em. I thought Audio Plugin Player might be the culprit since Alchemy works well in GarageBand.
  • It's still possible, I can't rule it out.  But in the crash log, it definitely dies within their code:

    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0     0x14c4e625 CamelAudioAU::AlchemyPluginVST::getParameterName(int, char*) + 35
    1     0x14bd98dc CVST2AUPlugin::CVST2AUPlugin(ComponentInstanceRecord*) + 818
    2     0x14be15b9 ComponentEntryPoint<CVST2AUPlugin>::Dispatch(ComponentParameters*, CVST2AUPlugin*) + 75
    3 0x98401ee5 CallComponent + 166
    4 0x98401f3f CallComponentDispatch + 29
    5 0x9849fb2c CallComponentOpen + 43
    6 0x98401adb OpenAComponent + 465
    7 0x98401902 OpenComponent + 24
    8   com.defectiverecordssoftware.AudioPluginPlayer 0x002fdaca juce::AudioUnitPluginInstance::AudioUnitPluginInstance(juce::String const&) + 342

  • The Alchemy folks got in touch with me, and after investigation, it looks like the problem is within the Audio Plugin Player code after all.  It's the challenge that I'm aware of already, having to do with deploying a sandbox'd application that hosts audio plugins.  It *should* be possible, as Apple has done it with some of their plugin hosting apps, but I am still working on it.

    Apologies, hopefully I'll get it sorted soon.
  • Wow, you guys are amazing!!

    Thanks a lot,
  • Thank me when I fix it!  ;-)
  • I will :-) Nevertheless I find your (that is you and Camelaudio) responsiveness amazing, especially getting in touch with each other to figure out what the problem is. To blame the other party until it undoubtedly can prove that it's not its fault is the usual behavior I see in the IT industry.

    So thanks in advance ;-)
  • Any news? I haven't seen any update ....
  • Still no luck with getting it to work right I'm afraid.  I haven't given up, but at the moment I've hit a wall...
  • pitty :-(
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