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I just picked up a PC1600x and it's missing fader knobs and the power supply. Does anyone know where I can get these?



  • The back of my unit says "16V AC, 1 Amp" for the power supply - so I imagine any generic power supply that supplies that will be fine?  I don't know the exact plug size though.  A quick search at Mouser found this - no guarantees, but seems fine:

    Don't have any info for the fader knobs though...
  • I've coincidentally wondered about that supply myself. Mine is a 16VAC 1amp as well, but it seems like the back of the body gets a bit hot for something as low powered as a MIDI controller. I'm wondering if the regulator might be trying to knock down too many volts, and maybe it could run with something a bit lower.

    I'm guessing miserlou has found his caps by now, but anybody that needs small stuff like that should probably check with Peavey if they haven't. I just ordered a rotary control and a fader for a graphic EQ the other day. The fader was only about a buck and if it's small enough I think they'll mail it for cheap. They're one of the better companies I've dealt with on parts.

    Take Care
  • Thanks for the suggestion about going to Peavey - sometimes the most obvious things are the ones we overlook!  ;-)
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