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I hope this is an easy one for somebody.  I am trying out the M-185 sequencer demo, and have it set-up with a Doepfer Dark Energy synthesizer plugged into my laptop via a USB cable and the synthesizer also plugged directly into a powered monitor.  M-185 seems to recognize the DE on the Setup screen (it shows up in the MIDI Note and CC control drop down boxes), and I am getting sound from the DE through the monitor directly.  All seems fine, except when I set a pattern in M-185 - it wants to play its own sound through the laptop speakers, and the sequencer isn't having an effect on the DE.  I've only got the controls set on the Setup page where it sees the DE as MIDI Device On - should I be doing something else with settings to send the signals to the DE?  Also, do I need to do anything special to turn off the M-185's own sound (other than turning off the laptop speakers) so that all that plays is the synth through the powered speaker?  I'm a bit new to this, hence what may seem like a goofy question.  Thanks for any help out there.


  • Hi reevus - first, know that I moved this thread to the M-185 category, you placed it in the Audio Plugin Player category by mistake.

    The MIDI Note Control setting on the Setup page only specifies what MIDI controller device you may want to use to set the notes that various stages play - see pages 21-22 of the manual.

    What you are after is actually on the Main screen, not the Setup screen - you need to specify the MIDI *output* device.  Seems like you must have it currently set to play a plugin on your computer perhaps?  Anyway, you want to select your Dark Energy device in the "Output" section, and be sure to select the right MIDI channel there too.  See pages 37-38 of the manual.

    Hope this helps!
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