1.3 problems in Mavericks (MB Air mid 2013)

Hi Dan,

Is APP still being developed, or have you moved on to pastures greener? ;-)

Anyway, here are two problems with version 1.3 (the latest) in OS 10.9.2.

1) When I invoke Pianoteq Stage 4.5.4 (VST or AU) it says I have to authorise it. But I already have and VST and AU plugs both instantiate without further ado in Tracktion 5, for instance. Some glitch in reading authorisations in APP 1.3, it seems.

2) APP 1.3 will not accept any SKnote AU plugins. Now, SKnote has a (to me) somewhat magical system of VST > AU conversion: you just rename the basic Mac VST by ditching the .vst suffix and replacing it with .component. Believe it or not, the AU:s thus 'converted' open just fine in Garage Band and DP 7.4.

Any chance of these glitches being fixed?

Kind regards,



  • Hi Joachim,

    The issue with (1) is known - APP currently has serious problems with some plugin authentication schemes.  This is all related to dealing with Apple's sandbox restrictions, and I'm still figuring it all out!  This is further complicated because Apple has again changed some of the rules in allowing apps on the App Store, this time having to do with now deprecated QuickTime calls.  So I'm working with Cycling on seeing if we can address this…

    (2) - Wow, that *is* weird!  Have zero experience with those plugins, but will investigate.  This likely will need to go back to Cycling - it either has to do with authentication as above, but maybe also some conflict with the plugins themselves.
  • Joachim,

    I will contact you off-forum to do a little test for me re: the SKnote plugins...
  • OK, returning on-forum as this may help others in the future doing a search.  I contacted Cycling, and they suggested to try the following as a first step:

    Right-click the .component version of the plugin, select Show Package Contents, and then navigate to Contents/MacOS/.  Please let me know what's in there; it's likely that the VST version of the plugin is in there, and we're going to want to remove it.  That should eliminate the confusion that Audio Plugin Player is having between the AU and VST versions.

    There may also need to be some revisions to the Info.plist file that's in /Contents, but first lets see if removal of the file in MacOS works.
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