Running the Novation MiniNova Editor?

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I just bought the Audio Plugin Player specifically for running the Novation MiniNova Editor. Although it seems to be receiving some midi (the midi notes, which I can see are activating the onscreen keyboard) none of the other controls function. However, the editor works fine in both Maschine and Cubase without any special settings, mirroring any knob tweaks etc from the hardware. Are there any additional steps I need to take to get this working, other than setting the MIDI in/out channels/devices?



  • Hmm.. I have no experience with this plugin, but do you know how it communicates back and forth with the MiniNova synth?  Is it all CC and/or NRPN messages, or is sysex involved?
  • I'm guessing just CC/NRPN, as it works straight off in my DAWs. I'll check the exact Midi messages being sent and post a screenshot.
  • That would be really helpful - the app is configured to route all incoming note, poly pressure, pitch bend, aftertouch, program change, and CC messages to the plugin, so would love to understand why it's not responding to whatever messages are coming inbound from the hardware synth...
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