M-185 Newbie

edited May 2014 in M-185
I have downloaded the m-185 demo to try before I buy BUT I can't seem to get any sound from it regardless of how I set it up ;o(
I know it's probably simple but obviously so am I..please advise !
I am on a Mavericks Imac 10.9.2

Thanks in anticipation Phil


  • Hi Phil,

    Is your intention to use VST instruments within the application, or do rather want to send MIDI signals to another synth?  Basically, you have to set the appropriate destination (based on your answer to the above question) in the Output section.  Once you've done that, then press the Start button (the right arrow button) in the Transport section.  That should at least get some sound for you, and then you can start to pay around..
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