cyclic 1.5.1 Transmit CC 1 CC 2 to mutable-instruments CVpal not responding !!

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Hello defectiverecords and Friends

i'm into to cyclic since today and i'm trying to Transmit CC 1 CC 2 to mutable-instruments CVpal and from there to Braids,and cyclic not controlling the CC 1 CC 2 into CVpal !

i'm at Channel 6 in CVpal that gives me this configuration 
OUT 1: Modulation wheel CC (01) 
OUT 2: Breath controller CC (02) 
GATE 1: Binarized value of CC 3 
GATE 2: Binarized value of CC 4

i'm sure that i do Something wrong in cyclic ! but i'm sure it is not a problem with CVpal Because in Logic x Channel 6 in CVpal is working ! and Transmit
CC 1 CC 2 !

any one can shed light on that CC 1 CC 2 ?

Huge thank's


  • Have you been sure to set the CC output of Cyclic correctly to the right CC numbers?  Hopefully the attached image clears it up.

    In looking at this with fresh eyes now, I realize that I should not have labeled the tabs and labels  "CC1" and "CC2", since that can easily be confused with meaning that you are automatically sending CC controller #1 and CC controller #2 - that's not the case by default, you have to set them to the right numbers as seen in the image.  Perhaps in future versions of the software I'll re-label them "CC A" and "CC B".

  • Hi

    Ok yes i made that mistake......thinking they are automatically sending CC controller #1 and CC controller #2.......

    Thanks for the reply.
  • Great, glad that was it!
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