total recall

edited September 2014 in Cyclic
one thing i could not find out with the demo was:

does cyclic save ist loaded vst plugins at their current state with total recall? or does it only save the things concerning the cycle itself?

and is there a way to Output the recent Settings of a loaded plugin to a preset from cycle?-by now i could only do that by wrapping my vsts into a Multi vst Container called chainer and save them from there.

if all this is not possible in cyclic yet i suggest it as a future feature so that the preset circles in cycle would also save the state of loaded plugins and by switching presets in cycle you would also call upon the different instrument variations belongig to them( maybe even implement an automatic parameter morphing feature when switching with user given transition time for fluid performances )


  • Unfortunately, all of that stuff is not currently do-able.  It's been requested by others, so perhaps in a future update I can do it.  Thanks for the feedback!!
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