Audio Plugin Player as Global EQ for Mac

edited October 2014 in Audio Plugin Player
Hello. I am using Audio Plugin Player for sound correction of my speakers (I'm routing sound to "Soundflower" -> and than to -> "Audio Plugin Player" with Pro-Q Equalizer) and I would like to request
  1. Design change, because now "Audio Plugin Player" doesn't look in OS X Yosemite style (may be add fullscreen support?)
  2. Bug fix (if it is a bug): "Audio Plugin Player" doesn't remember last loaded plugin with its settings
  3. Bug fix: after awake from the sleep, "Audio Plugin Player" just doesn't work - it is unresponsible


  • Thanks for your feedback. I'll see if I can adjust things for #1, though it's not high on my priority list for now.

    #2 - this isn't the bug, right now it just doesn't try to do that. I will look into that functionality though for future versions.

    #3 - i'm wondering if you're seeing this problem because of an interaction with Soundflower. Have you tried to see if you have the same behavior when just using the Mac's internal sound, without Soundflower turned on or in use at all?
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