MIDI file saving issue

Hi, I have recently bought MC202 Hack and am having a bit of an issue.  Everything works as it should - I can export MIDI to MC202, transfer MC202 sequences to the program plus load and save cassette format wavs.  

The one thing that doesn't work is the output to MIDI file.  Unless I'm being stupid and missing something obvious :)  
 I load a sequence into the program (via cassette file or mc202 directly) - all is good.  I can play the sequence using the internal synth fine.  So i go to the outputs tab, change output to MIDI file.  Change the Internal Seq to a MIDI channel (normally 1).  I press save.  Nothing.  No dialog box appears - no error message.  It's like the button just doesn't work.  

It's rather frustrating as everything else is working great.  And I do like to use the 202's onboard sequencer a bit - the idea of using it to generate MIDI loops is a big draw for me (I couldn't test this feature in the demo alas....)

I've tried re-installing both the program and Java.  Any ideas?  I hoping it's something easy :)  (btw, i'm running MC202 Hack 2.03 on Windows 7 64-bit Pro with the latest version of Java 8.25).


  • Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble, and also sorry for the slow reply!

    That seems to be a Windows-specific bug that got introduced in the last version, my apologies.  Gonna have to dig into this a bit to figure out what's going on.  Stay tuned, and thanks for the report!

  • Thanks for the reply.  I'll keep checking back for a resolution.  Good luck with the fix :)
  • I've identified the bug, and have a fix in the works… Hopefully will make it available to all soon!
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