ideas for m185?

after having the thing collecting virtual dust on my computer, i have finally started jamming out with it regularly, and it is super fun. thanks for making this.

one idea i had that would make jamming on it go a lot faster for me, would be like some sort of a button, that when you assign a midi button to it, and you press it, it closes all midi ins on the steps. i currently have like 8 steps usually, assigned to 8 consecutive buttons on my controller, and it is really easy to assign notes the first time, but a pain to go back through and hit each button again to turn individual ones off. a bit of hunt and pecking that i think could be easily gotten rid of with like a master on off or something for all the midi ins. make sense? its late. im tired. but yeah. love the product!


  • You're talking about MIDI *note* input, right?  The little yellow MIDI icons that you can see in this picture?  If so, yes, that's do-able.  No clear timeline yet for when I'll have a new version, but when I do, I'll do my best to include that.
  • awesome. i just think it will make jamming out more fun. being able to turn all of the midi ins off. awesome. thank you.

    ive been using this a lot more. im sure ill have more ideas soon :)

    another idea was being able to send midi out of multiple outs at once. i am doing it now, but i had to do some fancy routing in ableton to do it. unless of course there is something dumb i am missing and i can already do that. ha
  • No, no capability for multiple MIDI outputs at the moment...
  • more ideas. many months late. sorry. ha

    having separate presets for notes and for the other stuff could be really fun i think. being able to swap out the step patterns and what not, but not change the notes, and vice versa. could make jamming out with it way more fun. or maybe just a easier to use preset section, that is somehow larger, so i could save tons of presets to work this way. a sort of work around if you will. 

    i really want a midi input select reset button like we had talked about above. ive been using this thing a lot, and i think for the way i think, itll help a lot. when i have a idea when jamming out, the extra step of checking to see if ins are turned off is annoying to me. having a button that just turns all ins off would be perfect
  • Thanks for the feedback again - still way behind on all my projects, but hopefully will get to this soon.  Also want to enable ReWire capabilities, as I did for Cyclic recently...
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